KD TiLT 7 - Life, Addiction, Fitness, and Blender

KD TiLT 7 - Life, Addiction, Fitness, and Blender

2021, Dec 25    

The Things I Learned Today (TiLT) edition is all about 5 handpicks from the internet, targetting 5 different domains, because not everyone has the same interests.

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Let’s just jump into the stories for this last issue of 2021.


A good life is painful

12 - 15 minutes read | Vox mind The author interviews a psychologist and author of a book called The Sweet Spot, Paul Bloom. The discussion is around how the author feels most people are confused about what makes them happy.

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How Facebook got addicted to spreading misinformation

35 - 45 minutes read | MIT Technology Review Joaquin Quiñonero Candela, a director of AI at Facebook, was apologizing to his audience. The company’s latest rebranding is seen as their escape plan from all the data mistrust controversies. I’ve shared the most popular one of them in an older newsletter issue: Cambridge Analytica.
But what’s behind all these controversies? This MIT Technology Review article takes an attempt to cover it all. Good long in-depth read.

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Is it time to stop using your fitness tracker?

8 - 10 minutes read | Seattle Times Fitness trackers The fitness trackers help us monitor and numerically track up the efforts made for better health, right? For some, they may even be the motivation to start going.
But for most of us, the case is usually just the opposite. For LeClair, the interviewee in the article, it became difficult to focus on exercise without worrying about the targets. To a level, she would not even start working out in fear of failing to hit the goal.

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NASA has finally launched the James Webb Space Telescope

2 minutes read | Engadget James Webb Space Telescope The same satellite telescope that was covered in KD TiLT 5 and TiLT 6. This Christmas morning itself, the telescope has finally been launched into space from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana. It’ll take around a month to reach its destination.

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Blender 3.0 - Every New Feature in 6 minutes

Time? Take a guess | Youtube/Blender Blender 3.0 featuers A major version upgrade of Blender happened very recently. This video tries to cover most of the major changes.
Don’t know what Blender is? It’s a free tool for 3D modeling (2D too, but mostly 3D).
Now take a jab at how many features this cool piece of software packs. It’s always on my to-do list to learn using Blender at least a bit. Maybe in 2022, we’ll make some progress.

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Alrighty, that was it for this KD TiLT issue.
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