KD TiLT 5 - Look at this cutie!!

KD TiLT 5 - Look at this cutie!!

2021, Oct 07    

Welcome to the fifth KD TiLT issue (and 47th Knowledge•Day issue).

The Things I Learned Today (TiLT) edition is all about 5 handpicks from the internet, targetting 5 different domains, because not everyone has the same interests.

This informal talk only goes into the email version of all my posts but since today’s is special I’m willing to put this up on the website too.
I’m excited to announce that I’ve adopted a cat! A soft fluffy Persian cat!!
And it’s exciting because this is my first pet. My first living, breathing responsibility!

I’d begin to talk about how every day feels, but then it’d become a personal blog instead of a Knowledge•Day issue. You still get to see the cat! and me! before we get to today’s content.

Keto with me Meet Keto, a 1.5YO grumpy Persian cat

P.S. I share links for reference here. None of the following articles have any sponsorship with Knowledge•Day, nor are they affiliate links.


How to Run Slower to Run Faster

4 - 5 minutes | Life Hacker


Wait…What? That doesn’t look to be making any sense at all…but if it’s called a life hacker it probably works.
This is a piece of unusual cardio advice that tells you to kick back and relax, ditch the running playlist, and ignore the numbers. And also to stop visiting /r/running if you wanna run faster.
Care to read how it works?

Read it here »


These lockdown owners are full of pet regrets

5 - 6 minutes read | The Guardian

Unhappy dog

Na Na, this isn’t about me. So far, I’m very happy with my new baby.
But there are families, who really thought they could get that rabbit, unrealizing it’s not gonna be a happy carrot-eating bun around. There are tons of free problems around it. For example, Rabbits are often seen as starter pets, but actually, they’re not good with children. They have powerful legs and the little kids learn through the kick they get from these bunnies.
Did I tell you how often do they defecate in a day? This article covers that along with other pet horrors.

Read it here »


Sieve that… email?

5 - 6 minutes read | sieve.info

Draft by Tim Showadlter, Sieve is a proposed internet standard language to filter emails. Y’know, the email filter you use to separate off your Slack and maybe Jira emails from the main inbox.
I didn’t know that syntax has a name too. Did you?

Read about the sieve lang here »


16 - 20 minutes | Vox

james webb telescope

Based on the name of a former NASA Administrator, James Webb, the upcoming telescope will be a large infrared telescope with an approx 6.5-meter gold-hued primary mirror (that’s huge!).
Planned to be deployed in space in December of this year, it’ll be the premier observatory of the next decade.
Wanna see how else can they be contrasted, and see some unforgettable, jaw-droppingly beautiful images like those of the Lagoon Nebula and the Pillars of Creation captured by the Hubble telescope in its 30-year run? This article is the one for you.

Read it here »


Is Success Luck or Hard Work?

12 minutes | Youtube/Veritasium

Success paradox

Recognize the channel? It’s a very popular channel carrying videos about science mostly. It was also a video from the same youtube channel which sparked up my last KD topic - the one covering How sailboats can sail faster than wind.
Alright, that channel aside. I’m sharing a psychology topic from the science hobbyists stage.
Here’s a question from one of the parts of the video: Does your time of birth (in a year) affect your chances of success in something? (studies/sports/crime?)

Watch the video here »

Alrighty, that was it for this KD TiLT issue.
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