KD TiLT 3 - Super expensive travel

KD TiLT 3 - Super expensive travel

2021, Jul 25    

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Welcome to the third KD TiLT issue (and 44th Knowledge•Day issue).

The Things I Learned Today (TiLT) edition is all about 5 handpicks from the internet, targetting 5 different domains, because not everyone has the same interests.

Two billionaires (Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos) have flown to space since the last issue. 2021 marks the year for the first-ever billionaire to fly to space. Mind you, those were some really expensive trips, but even the two are quite far apart in terms of the height reached and the costs as well.
Richard Branson’s historic 4-minute travel into space was worth $841 million for Virgin Galactic, and Jeff Bezos’ 11 minutes is speculated to have been costed about $5.5 Billion.

I’d like to contrast that to this newsletter, which costs zero and is ad-free. That deserves a shoutout I guess. Let’s get to the current handpicks for you


Songwriting 101: Learn Common Song Structures

7 - 9 minutes | Masterclass

verse - chorus - verse - chorus - bridge -
What are thoooose !? >.<
Said I, and proceeded to search on the internet. Turns out not everyone cares enough to explore that, and if you are like me who enjoys listening to songs and was longing to know the song structures some people discuss in the comments or on reddit, this might be the time to have a quick run on that.
Plus, as you can guess by the title, this is a song writer’s guide. And you could very well read ahead on the same page to know how those structures are stacked to make a song so interesting as catchy as it is.

Read about it »


The One Line Buddha Kept Repeating When Explaining Mindfulness

3 minutes read | Medium/Rami Dhanoa

There is a single line that keeps popping up throughout the Buddha’s most famous discourse on mindfulness: Atapi sampajjano satima.

Read what it means here »


How to Build a Self-Conscious Machine

50 - 60 minutes read | Wired

Little bit misleading title there. This one isn’t a programming tutorial on how to build an AI.
In fact, it’s hardly technical at all. This is a long read on consciousness. About why things happen in the universe the way they do, why do we react to stuff in a certain way?
Now, I’d just suggest you read a bit, maybe the intro at least to get the gist of whether you wanna read this entirely or not.

Thanks to Aalok, your fellow curious mind, for suggesting this article.

Read it here »


How Blue Origin trained Jeff Bezos and his crew for an 11-minute launch into space

5 - 6 minutes read | livescience

Bezos n crew

You read the intro and you knew something more to the topic was coming. Well, here’s a quick read on what did the Blue Origin’s first-time spaceflyers go through to be compliant with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.
Ain’t no escaping the planet without passport training.

Read it here »


Exercising Your ‘Neck Flexors’ Is the Little-Known Secret for Reducing Neck Pain

8 minutes | Youtube/Well+Good


Lockdown + desk work/studies?
While that combination is infamous for being lame as hell, there’s another problem with it. Your body doesn’t get enough physical movements. Keep it like that for more and see yourself starting to wear a cervical collar at an earlier age than your uncle did.
Nope, not gonna let that happen.

Watch the video »

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