Some horrible acts of animal cruelty
Imprisoned tiger cub

Some horrible acts of animal cruelty

2020, Aug 03    

Some horrible acts of animal cruelty

I hope you’re doing amazing! This article, however, is about those who aren’t.
Well, that was quick. But no, it’s not about depression. Depending on how you see it, this one has bits that usually people find tasty.

If you are a vegetarian, this is for you
If you are a non-vegetarian, this is for you
If you are Bear Grills, this is nothing new

Humans – The superior race…allegedly

Full of pride, we’ve gained superiority over every creature on this planet, almost (corona says otherwise). Animals are mainly seen with two viewpoints. We either wanna pet them cause they’re cute or we can’t care any lesser or even somewhat relieved if a hazardous (for us) is dead. We eat everything we can space poison apart from. Even unrealizing a virus could cause bigger problems than poison.

Is that a noodle…or a snake?

But what could be better than being able to remove the poison and eat the enemy? Enter “Snake Village”, Vietnam. A place known to kill snakes (and even King cobras which are rare). The process is simple: before death, the snake’s still-beating heart is cut out of its body and put into a rice wine shot for a guest to swallow whole and then the rest of the noodle is cooked.
Snake village

Pet me a killer cat

This one is more common. You might have either been there or one of your friends have their photos on Instagram clicked up-close with a tiger. Lol, it’s easy cause they’ve been doing lines.
tiger drawing cocaine
As cool as it may look, wild animals can never be compatible with their basic welfare needs blurred by a facility in search of profit. The tigers are drugged just for the sake of public photography. This is in addition to the pitiful prisons that the zoos are. Psychedelics are not for animals.(they’re for humans :) ) Tiger selfie

Lockdown forever

Each chicken in a battery farm has to spend its entire life in a cage that has a floor space smaller than an iPad, no room to turn around, and certainly not enough space to stretch its wings. Yeah, you’re looking a whole life in a cage, only to be pulled out one day to be slashed in pieces. Contrast that with the superior species called the Humans, these days who must stay inside their cage. a virus is taking one after another out to pull the life plug. Look at this beautiful life.
Cages chicken

No Jaws only fins

Additional note: This is the triggering reason behind today’s topic idea.
The jaws of sharks, well capable of cutting a good thick human or animal meat are nothing without the fins. What am I talking about? Finning – the gruesome practice of cutting off a live shark’s fins and throwing the rest back in the sea, incapable of swimming anymore, where it dies a slow and painful death.
Shark fin being cut Sharks fallen to the bottom What do we do with the fins? Make soup. This glutinous broth is a traditional Chinese dish dating back more than 1000 years. Too long a tradition for something which has no taste. For that matter no nutritional value either. Chicken is added to improve the flavor.
Such a painful price(suffered by the sharks) for virtually nothing. The soup has one role: it’s an indicator of social standing - something Hindi we call “ameer logon ke chonchale. ‘cause this thing is expensive – around $200 a bowl. That’s the price of that shark fin and virtually the price of the entire shark as well. You’re looking at the merciless death of 80-100 million sharks each year globally, producing 5700 tons of fins each year – to keep Chinese aristocracy.

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