Who owns what? - Car brands

Who owns what? - Car brands

2020, Oct 06    

We all ofcourse know Beats headphones is owned by Apple since 2014 (If you didn’t, now you do). And that Whatsapp, Instagram among many other things are owned by Facebook. But did you know Android was not built google in the first place and they acquired it along with the founder Andy Rubin (Andy is out of google now and has his own interesting story). And your JBLs are owned by Samsung (who owns Harman Kardon, who owns JBL). Fun tech ownerships. But you’ll be surprised to know how much all the world’s top car makers are families.

Who owns what - Car brands

Mini, Rolls-Royce

You’d think the cute little Coopers were independent, or if not mini then Rolls Royce definitely always seemed as the root. But no! They have a father, and it’s BMW! BMW Conglomerate

Dodge, Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Maserati

Familiar names? Two of these are american and other two Italian. Obviously becomein American Italian Conglomerate. But who is the father? Next two names should clear that -> Chrysler is American and Fiat is Italian. Fiat Chysler conglomerate

PS, They also owned 90% of Ferrari until 2014 - that’s when Ferrari separated into independence.

The big circle - Bentley, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti

WHAT? All those? Yes. You’re seeing everything from public vehicles (Skoda, VW) to Luxury (Bentley) to Sports (Lambo, Bugatti) and all of these come under one packet. Waana know who’s the parent? Take a guess. Hint: It’s the cheapest carmaker of this bunch ^.

And You’re right. Volkswagen owns majority of cars we dream of maybe driving one day. This list is crazy and is not limited to the 7 above, these are just the most popular ones - globally.

Volkawagen group conglomerate


Ofcourse. The above 3 groups don’t define everything and businesses keep on buying businesses. Tata India owns Jaguar and Land Rover, Hyundai owns Kia too, Daimler owns both Mercedes-Benz and Bharat-Benz, and Toyota owns Lexus to name a few examples.

And these were just cars. Do we have same story with bikes too? Ducati name rhymes with one of the sports car maker above… Just saying.