KD TiLT 2 - Bivvys and more

KD TiLT 2 - Bivvys and more

2021, Jun 25    

Hey there,

Welcome to the 42nd Knowledge•Day issue!!

Today’s issue wasn’t very easy to compile. You know why?

laptop, dead

Probably my longest companion. Lasted 30 times more than my longest relationship, had been the guinea for almost all of my experiments, explorations(soft and hard), and countless benchmarks. All that I didn’t do on my phone, I did on this particular laptop.

I wasn’t very nice with it ever, this boy came into the wrong hands. I understand you may also have opened your laptop for replacing the RAM or Harddisk, or maybe you opened it further to clean the internals yourself and touch and feel the brain of it, the processor. I do that, to almost all the devices I’ve owned, desktops(of course), laptops, phones, tablets…

But, I’m pretty damn sure, you’ve never purposefully dropped your notebook from a table’s height just to see its strength.! Not recommended, and the noise was 2.3KGs(5 lbs) loud. I still don’t know what was going on in my mind in that BYOD lab, but this young man survived. Nothing changed actually. But, the sound it made when it hit the floor, man that sound pulled out my soul. That was the day I stopped physical experiments on this, my boy has served 5 years since, before giving up 2 days ago.

What did I do two days ago?
Nothing actually, I was just using it for, you know, the regular stuff - web browsing, chats and had two VSCode instances open just to make the RAM uncomfortable. (I use Sublime text for programming).
And it hung. Much like Windows 98 era. I was like “Okay… Maybe I could do with one less VSCode instance”, and tried to restart it.
It wouldn’t. No bios errors, no beeping sound, no screen tearing, nothing. Just the keyboard lights that light up.
Looks like a RAM issue, right?
That’s what I thought. But No. I opened and swapped that too, the same situation. This leaves me with either:

  1. CPU’s gone; or
  2. Something on the Motherboard

Neither of which are cheap replacements. And, hence my tweet today.

Alright, maybe you didn’t open this to read about my (arguable) love for almost a decade-old piece of electronic. Let’s get to the thing of the current.

This is the second issue of KD TiLT! In case you don’t know, this variant of the newsletter is designed specifically to share things I can’t write better than my sources over the internet.

Let’s get onto it!


How to have a night of adventure – without a tent: Bivvying

8 - 10 minutes | The Guardian


The virus is still around, but does it look like it? No.
But do you and I do look like we need an adventurous trip? Heck Yes!! Now if you’re going solo, you probably aren’t gonna have an easy time carrying a tent.
Where would the adventure be without tent?
Exactly. It’s a need. Enter Bivvys, the just-enough tents for you to chill until you feel a werewolf right above your face, smelling his food 💀.

Read about it »


Build a Sustainable Workout Routine You Love

9 - 11 minutes read | Self


Tried working out. There are days when you feel like not doing it but still do a little. Then there are days when you are supercharged. But then what happens, that it makes you take a break. The break then expands, and soon you realize it’s been over a month since you last worked out. Maybe two, maybe more. Wait, why does that sound like me?
Anyway, this piece from selfdotcom helps setting up a framework that’d help you go long. (No, not in that sense)

Read here »


Why windows use CR+LF for newline instead of LF like the rest

2 - 3 minutes read | Microsoft

If you are a programmer, you might have seen that windows and UNIX-based operating systems support two different line endings. This is also usually found in the settings of the text editor/IDE you’re using. Ever wondered why so? Well, I had to find out one day, this is a good short explanation from Microsoft.
Spoiler: Microsoft’s doing it correctly.

Read about it »


10 cool facts about ants

3 - 4 minutes read | natgeokids.com

Ants facts

Yes, I did have a wish to read about this one fine day. and Yes, I googled this. But you don’t have to. I came for some general facts about their weight and found out how one type of ant sting feels like you’ve been hit by a bullet. It’s crazy. I’ll leave it up to you to read.

Read it here »


Why do computers suck at math?

1-minute quickie | Youtube/Fireship

Why do computers suck at math

Wait for a second Yash… You didn’t just tell me Computers, of everything and everyone that can do arithmetic calculations, computers suck at maths?
Well, at best I just went ahead and tried for myself, only to confirm this video’s right. Computers do kinda make mathematical mistakes. Now you may watch the video to understand why is it so.

Watch the video »

Alrighty, that was it for this KD TiLT issue. Liked it? Share with friends.

Which one article/video caught your interest first? I’d love to know? Just comment down here and let me know.

Also, now that you get the gist of what it is, I see this as another opportunity to share your awesome finding. Hit me up whenever you come across something you think is worth sharing. (Hint: there are at least 5 such exciting things you come across every week)