Enter a new variant - KD TiLT

Enter a new variant - KD TiLT

2021, May 25    

Hey there,

Welcome to the 40th Knowledge•Day issue!!

If you did read through my anniversary special issue, you must’ve been expecting something new for today.

If you didn’t, what a bummer, but here’s what I had for this: Starting this second year for the blog letter, I’ve decided to add a variant - called KD TiLT!

What is it? Expansion of the word shall clarify a little:

TiLT - Things I Learned Today

Sick abbreviation right? It’s underrated and I decided to keep this even if it’s inaccurate.

Why inaccurate?

It implies I’ll be sending this newsletter everyday, which I won’t. If I had 10 hands, I could have. But alas, I’m facing the average human limitations.

But what is it?

Long story short, TiLT will contain some of my handpicked findings over the internet. No, don’t think of it as one more link-sharing board. Most of my handpicks won’t show up on your feeds anyway. You, of course, have to only click on the titles that interest you personally. Plus, you get tl;dr(s) for all of them.

Sounds good? Sounds great to me! Let’s get on to it!!


Echolocate your surroundings

7-9 minutes read | Atlas Obscura

What sounds like a GPS offering from Amazon is nothing like it. This is about taking a page from the bats’ books to draw the surroundings. Daniel Kish, seeing only black since his infancy, navigates the world like a bat does. He uses his mouth to produce crisp clicking sounds and then listens to how those sounds bounce off the surrounding landscape. You and I may not need to learn this technique, but it’s a worthy read and share for those who care.


Your Lifting Warmup Should Be About More Than Your Muscles

7-9 minutes read | LifeHacker

Warmups are an extremely important part of our workout routine. Not just for preventing injury (it’s no magic), they prepare your muscles for the job of lifting. Now, stretching is NOT warming up, so what all things qualify for it, and how should you put it all together? This article from Lifehacker should have the answers.


The Limits to Blockchain Scalability

20-25 minutes read | Vitalik

Elon very recently shared his views targetting Doge to “speed up block time 10x, Increase size 10x, and drop fee 100x”. This doesn’t seem doable without some serious compromises to decentralization to the founder of Ethereum blockchain - Vitalik Buterin. So our man came up with some facts on his blog about how realistic Elon’s viewpoint is.
P.S., This assumes some understanding of how blockchain works, the rest he can explain.
If you’re looking for a trivial explanation of blockchain, I had written a piece last year on it, should be good for a start.


How Do Astronauts Spend Their Weekends in Space?

9-12 minutes read | Smithsonian Magazine

We’ve got these boring 9-5 (or some variant of it), and then some downtime for the evenings and the weekends. But what do our friends living out there, away from natural gravity, do?
Turns out, it’s nothing special, same 9-5 with evenings for playing their favorite musical instruments or watching the WorldCup. Although with added dimension to their fun though, could be a good read for the interested.


Why are Americans fat?

4 minutes video | Youtube

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not an attempt to spread racism. This video merely attempts to explain why people get fat. Only the ones who are, of course.
For the early guessers, it’s not due to the oil and cheese (alone). Rest I leave it to the video to cover for you :-p

Alrighty, that was it for the first KD TiLT issue. Liked it? Share with friends.

Which one article/video caught your interest first? I’d love to know? Just comment down here and let me know.

Also, now that you get the gist of what it is, I see this as another opportunity to share your awesome finding. Hit me up whenever you come across something you think is worth sharing. (Hint: there are at least 5 such exciting things you come across every week)