Let's talk about chocolates and benefits

Let's talk about chocolates and benefits

2020, Sep 28    

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Alright, so let’s begin with post number 25! This is the quarter-century milestone post! 🥳

Btw, this topic was suggested by Vyshnavi. Thank you, sissy!

Chocolates with benefits

What do you mean this rhymes with something else?
There is only a handful number of people we meet in our lives who don’t like chocolates in any form, or only like white chocolates. Well, I don’t know any. If you do, share this article with them and they might as well change.

But what am I talking about, what does it even have to offer, other than taste?

Alien runs for chocolate Image src: Cadbury’s Alien ads

Chocolates for mood

Some food increases serotonin levels. Chocolate included. “Data reveals that the people who consume dark chocolate show lower symptoms of depression compared to those who don’t eat chocolates at all. Nothing out of proportion is ever good and the same applies to chocolate. A small amount of dark chocolate works well to keep you upbeat.” - Delnaaz T., Chief Dietitian at JHRC, Mumbai

Next time you feel low… Bournville is the answer.

Chocolate as an aphrodisiac

Afro…what? Chocolates tend to increase nitric oxide levels and contain an amino acid called L-arginine that promotes blood flow to the sexual organs proving itself an effective natural sex enhancer.

It gained this reputation, not by some hippie brand promoting chocolate-flavored goods. But dates back into the historical western civilization. Montezuma, an Aztec ruler was the first who tapped into these qualities of chocolate (Talk about the 1500s era). And then there were more rulers who became “legendary lovers”! (No, not Lannisters)

Long story short, chocolate, is one of the world’s finest aphrodisiacs. Second only to Champagne.

Reminder again: Overload yourself with chocolates and you’ll gain weight. Which I think is not so good if your goal is this^^

Chocolates as Sunscreen

Don’t brown paint your face just yet. You gotta drink it. According to sciencenews.org, women who drank a cocoa drink rich in flavonoids made their skin look better and protected it from ultraviolet light damage.

But Which chocolate?

You probably have noticed I have been talking about dark chocolate and not the milk chocolate. That’s because milk chocolate is high in sugar and fats (Contains only about 30% cocoa). Dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa is considered healthiest with rich antioxidants, polyphenols, and flavonoids, in an easy language only dark chocolates carry the above benefits.

Who eats dark chocolate? It’s so untasty;
Chocolate has been consumed unsweetened for 90% of its history. Beat that.

Oh, and about white chocolate? Well, I never considered it chocolate. Annnd while researching for this article, I come to know that it indeed is a misnomer! White chocolate does not contain any cocoa powder, so nothing above applies to it.
But.. it effectively is milk, which isn’t bad, so there’s that.