A Quarter Of Texts
A quarter of texts

A Quarter Of Texts

2020, Aug 17    

Start of another long week makes me feel weak.

But today is special! Today marks the first quarter since I launched the newsletter. I must say it’s been a great journey so far. My 10th issue covers how it started and today I’d like to talk more. Because it’s been 3 months since the launch and the there’s story you don’t see, but I do :p

Let’s get on it

You already may have realized I’m not targeting any particular field of interest with Knowledge•Day, I just share a brief overview of topics I find interesting, and all these have struck my mind randomly in everyday life and I just research a bit to write here in a 3 minute read the text. None of this will make us field experts but could be mildly interesting to read, bonus points if you use the half-cooked knowledge in a group discussion :-p

Looking at the topics I’ve covered so far, it has covered quite some ground. Having covered Health[1][5], Money[3][4], Scams[6][12][13], Business[9][16][18], Popular entertainment stuff[8][11], Cruelty and Despair[14][15][17], and more Miscellaneous[*]. I wonder how we have not overtaken the internet already. I suppose this is near to going viral \m/.

I’ll also share quarterly stats of our progress. Well. Whatever’s visible to me.

We’ve got a 100% increase in the number of Subscribers. Well, any number above 0 makes it 100% for the first quarter. Maybe next time we’ll have more comparable stats on this.

0 Unsubscribers so far! Well, technically no, but they did only to change the preferred email ID.

45 Responses to the 18 Issues we’ve had. I also see you found it easier to like/comment when the button required redirection to the web browser. Instead of sending directly from mail – like now. 🤷‍

This doesn’t matter but 62% of the subscribers are males and 37% females. (What, you have a question? rethink)

Thanks to my inconsistency, I even have stats for the days this newsletter has been sent on. Turns out Wednesday and Thursday are the only two weekdays when I have not sent this newsletter. This is funny cause Thursday being one of the intended trigger days for KD right from the beginning itself. And Wednesday is a popular midweek newsletter day. My bad, the schedule is a mystery. Though, Which of the days did you find yourself free to read this? (Reply)

Well, that’s it for stats. We’ve had some transitions too.

Started off with Revue, a newsletter platform, built for individual writers/content curators. Which managed to send my first ever issue right into promotions and spam. Bummer. (Could be my mistake, but the symptoms don’t really check out), and needs more than proofreading before I send any issue. Occasionally has crumbled up content at the last moment before sending it. Another bummer.

Additionally, since all of what I write is text and not really link curation, I also wanted all this to be blogged. Instead of changing the newsletter platform, I decided to Write on a blogging website and send emails myself (online link tied to the blog publication) with a weekender self-built newsletter email tool. And that’s why this email template may not look very professionally made.

Initially, all the blog posts went to telegra.ph which is one of the most minimalistic writing platforms (built by Telegram) out there. Absolutely no theming or branding of anything, shows only content, nothing else [Sample]. This makes the blog difficult to discover as there is no landing/discover page.

Hence, I shifted to Medium, a popular blogging platform. Often criticized for being somewhat annoying for unregistered or free users. Not much avail here either – titles not clickbait-ish enough.
Meanwhile, I figured, if I can set up a blog independently, then why not. WordPress is a popular platform chosen by businesses and individuals for blogging. But I beg to differ, because why not? Enter Jekyll and Github pages.

Jekyll is a framework for building static sites, built with Ruby. That means there is no database, no login accounts, no personalization for premium users. There is none. However, I did add comment section, via Disqus, you see that guy in a lot of blogs.

The win with a static site is it’s super fast. And non-hackable, because there’s no database, there’s no user data, there’s nothing to steal.

Even though the Jekyll/blog is the latest thing I’ve been working on. I still prioritize email newsletter, because it’s so weightless, and personalized. Also, for your benefit due to the limitations of emails, no one can run scripts on your device, leaving out the possibility of malware or anything suspicious (Do know that opening attachments and links from spooky senders can do that, reading contents can cause no harm. You’re safe with me).

One thing to mention here, Anubhav, a fellow reader has joined hands with me to work on a project that sits behind the blog. It will not change anything for the blog readers but will make things easier. Exciting times ahead! (for me) :D

That was it for today, I may not have shared much of internet knowledge today, but you know. Occasionally, it’s okay to talk and not just share internet guides… Which means I’m also suggesting response - options are below, I talk back too 😊. Also, the online view(medium/personal blog) contains the comment section!

Do you like this newsletter? Do you follow any blog or newsletter that you like? I’d love to read what you read, please do share. ✌️