It's a Myth

It's a Myth

2020, Sep 07    

It’s a Myth

I tried to feed red velvet to a Bull, and he didn’t like it. Obviously, it’s the color, what was I thinking. 🤦‍

But hey! I am back with yet another topic untouched by your beloved newsletter. It’s about when Jeff Bezos decided to solve world hunger, it’s about a vaccine that killed the coronavirus, and it’s about the newsletters that went viral. This issue is about myths.

One thing to say, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this issue, which you’ll see, now Let’s take the shots really quick…

It’s a myth

The largest living organism

The blue whale…or maybe not.
We’re told it is. While it may be the largest ocean creature, we’re got bigger creatures on land. (yo mama)
Titanosaurs may have been the tallest dinosaurs in their time, but today, the largest living organism on Earth is the honey Fungus in Oregon blue mountains. Yes, fungus. A single organism has thousands of mushrooms fruiting bodies over 3 miles across. Sure they don’t move, but they expand and are edible, so we’re good. \m/ Honey Fungus from North America

A toilet flushes in a different direction in both hemispheres

Simpson flush direction If you watch Simpsons, you sure do know about this. The one on Coriolis Effect (Here, a must-watch if you haven’t). So this Coriolis effect, is it fake? No, it’s real, the tides are different in both hemispheres. Applying it to toilet flushes is not. Toilet flushes are too small to follow the rules.

Apes are our ancestors

Lookalike apes They’re not. If they were, they would have ‘reinvented’ the wheels by now(no pun intended). But You and me (jk, not me) look like apes, what’s the explanation? Different leaves of the same tree. Humans and Apes share a common ancestor but have long evolved from them. Chimp is cousin, not mother.

The mother bird rejects its baby if touched by a human

Baby birds
You think the birds inherit the untouchability principles from us, but not actually. Most birds have a poor sense of smell and wouldn’t know the difference. But, they have eyes. If they see you touching their baby, depending on their anger, you could find out how stiff that beak is.

Goldfish only have a three-second memory

Goldfish They have a reputation of having bad memories (well, I have bad memories too ;-; but it’s not the same thing). Their tiny brain can remember things for even more than 4 seconds – some research even indicates goldfish could have a memory span of up to five months long.
Yeah, teach you swimmer animal some history lessons and take it to the exam hall, might help there.

You only use 10% of your brain

Lucy with 100% brain …and Scarlett Johansson can do 100%? Sounds like something only possible in movies.
A neurologist named Barry Gordon says it’s nothing but a myth, and we use a lot more than that. In terms of percentage, we have no percentage. The mind is no machine, but we “use virtually every part of the brain”.
Sucks to know we used all of our brains to lead ourselves to today.

It takes 7 Years to digest gum

Chewing Gum unsplash The same amount of time to digest gam(sorrow) if you’re Indian and brokenhearted.
But good news, it’s a myth. As per the mayo clinic, your body can’t digest gum at all! Not in seven, not in seventy - But our body does pave way for the gum to move of the body through the stool. No digestion is necessary.

The end

That is a myth. Continue.

Lightning never strikes twice

lightning You’ve probably heard someone say that “Lightning never strikes the same place twice”. And that is a myth. If it likes the tallest pole of your town, it might visit again. Don’t hold electric poles during lightning.
Although, what’s not a myth is lightning never strikes the same person twice. Because…they…are…buried inside the ground.

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